Thursday, October 11, 2012

Multi-State Datsun Classic

Just got back from the 2nd Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic, awesome good time!!  So many beautiful Datsuns of all flavors!  Numerous Zcars, Roadsters, 620s, 1200s and 510s!  A freakin' 1970 JDM Laurel!!!   Oh, and a very surprised big rig trucker!  After the show, a bunch of us from all around the West Coast went on a run up the the Grand Canyon finding a private airport that housed a collection of classic cars and planes!  They had a working Ford Tri-Motor!  Plans were made to return there in June for a ride around the Canyon on the Tri-Motor.  The next day, we gathered up a group and ran down through Oak Creek to Cottonwood.  Had what's become our traditional burger there and then head up to Jerome.  Jerome is a town on the side of a cliff!  Too cool.  We had to negotiate the roads there slowly which allowed us to actually hear all the great comments from the tourists gathered there.  Once passed Jerome, we had a spirited run down Mingus mountain and back to the Southern Metro areas.  What a great weekend!  Can't wait for next year!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Papa's got a new bag............A 260z!!

Just brought home my 260z!  A good buddy found it driving through one of the Tucson neighborhoods. This car was tucked in someone's back yard, behind a very tall corrugated metal wall.  We went back a couple weeks later to try to talk to the dude about the car but couldn't get in to even  ring the bell.  As we were skulking around, we heard a very deep, very angry sounding voice ask us "What can I help you with?".  "Uh, can we see that Zcar in your back yard?".............