Friday, May 27, 2011

Race Video Friday

Ok then, it's the first edition of "Race Video Friday".  First on one out is the recap of the 2005 season for Euro Z car racing team.  This Z sounds beastly!!  I'd wager it is running 3.0 with some triple carbs at the very least!  Just listen to that engine!  I wish there were someway to have the local mountain closed off for a 'hill-climb' type event.  Tucson is blessed with an abundance of great locations for this type of event.  Oh, to hear our engines echo off of Mt Lemmon!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Electronica digs the s30.........

Apparently, there's been a sort of resurgence of the early Zcars in a few Electronica vids.   I obviously approve! The music hasn't been too annoying, but of course, I AM an old Fart now.  Check out the vids below.....really the music isn't half bad.  The first three are by Russ Chimes and comprise a sort of love/crime/chase story.   The next two are by Far East Movement.  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

BanDatSW Bisbee run

Great times!  A bunch of the unusual suspects got together at the local Hot Rod Cafe early Saturday morning for breakfast.  After nourishing our bodies and making up numerous lies about our cars, we took to the highway for a fun trip Southeast to the old copper mining town turned artist haven, Bisbee Arizona.  The road down through Arizona's wine country provides too many fun, high speed corners and curves to count!  As the road took us along it's twists and turns, more and more Zcars of every model and year, 370s, 350s, z32s, z31s and a couple s30s started joining our little caravan through Southern Arizona.  Serendipity!  The Zcar club from Phoenix, Desert Z Association, had planned a run of their own to Sonoita for some wine tasting and just happened to have merged in with us!!  We parked and took the opportunity for more exaggeration and lies, took some pictures and promised to do a more formal event together!  We left our friends in Sonoita, continuing our trek along the winding highway where we finally arrived just in time for a scrumptious lunch in Bisbee.  What a great Datto day!!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Just another BMF Datto from Tucson.  Jerry Stein's 1970 240z wide-body perfection.  Subtle Z wide-body kit, Rebello 3.2 Liter stroker, ITB's, 17x10 Weld racing wheels, Arizona Zcar suspension and brakes, ducted custom hood, custom vented fenders.... this little Zcar has a some 'show' and a whole lot of 'GO'!  I hear that there have been some secret upgrades in the works too.  Knowing Jeremy, whatever it is, it's going to be cool.  Yep, just another BMF Datto from Tucson!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'72 240z.  Turbo.  Flared.  CCW's. SEX on Wheels!!  This is one beautiful s30!  Built a couple years ago by Joe Johnson right here in Tucson.  Puts down over 400hp from a turbo L28.  Has polished EVERYTHING!  Still locally owned and I am trying to persuade the owner to allow me to show it at JCCS this year....Come on, Bill, you know you want me to!  Why say no, when saying yes feels so good!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hayashi Wheels!

The proverbial open sign in the window just lit up at Hayashi Racing USA.  If you aren't familiar with Hayashi, damn it, you should be!  These guys have been creating some of the hottest wheels on either side of the Pacific for DECADES!! You've all seen the gorgeous Dattos from all over the interwebs sporting these beautiful, kick-ass wheels.  Hayashi Racing USA

Here are just a few examples of the sick 'badness' that is Hayashi ................................

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here you go 'Dime' fans!!  This is a 26 minute video of Datsun 510 racing history.  Very cool.  There's even a 'groovy' sound track to get you fully into the feel of the times.  Lots of great scenes and voice overs from John Morton, Peter Brock and others explaining what what they did to win.  John Morton gives a great turn by turn narration of a couple of the tracks.  There are couple commercials for new Datsuns are included as well, one of them highlights a Datsun dealership in Flagstaff!!  This is a fun, interesting video that every Datsun FREAK should watch and know!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cody goes Crazy!!

Please, don't try this at home...LOL!!  My buddy Cody with his 75 280z, 3.0, 12:1 compression, Mega-squirted beasty going 'Z Crazy'!!  Yeah, boy!   I imagine new tires are in the works for his S30.  Good horse powers and a light car, recipe for good times.....Recipe for a good Datto.

Three letters.  Three letters that put Datsun on the map.  Three letters that put Datsun on the podium, race after race after race.  Brock Racing Enterprises with their 240s and 510s destroyed the SCCA in the early 1970s.  Never before had a Japanese car taken on and defeated the powerful German and British sports car racing teams.  A dominance that is unmatched in any racing circuit today.  BRE so decimated the field that the field just up and quit.  Here's the story from BRE directly: BRE