Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am with 620!!!

Finally, I have a 620!!! Man, I've wanted one for DECADES!!  Here she is.  Only a little surface rust on the bed, a couple little dings and missing one hub cap but she's all mine!!  The plan is to lower, redo the interior ( got new seats already),  new mirrors (fender?) and a new paint job.  I've always like the cool body lines, bullet side.  I parked it next to my Boss's Titan yesterday,  HOLY CRAP it's tiny in comparison!!  I may install a KA24de, I have one at the shop, for more power.  Who knows? One thing I do know, this is going to be fun!

Maybe once she's low, I will add some new wheels.  Maybe like these?  17x8?  Hmmm....


  1. awesome car, mate, but the wheels look way to modern for such a classic car in my opinion :)

  2. I like the way the cut-outs on the wheels somewhat mirror the 'bullet side' on the cab of the truck. Though, I am not married to the look yet.